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90% of a child's mental and physical development happens between the ages of 0 and 5 years. This is also the time it is recommended for parents to keep children close to them as not doing so can cause several mental and behavioural issues in the later stages of life.

Welcome to Little Creek Playschool, the most amazing place for parents and students to be at. Every child is special and that is what we love. We offer your little ones a tailor made curriculum that brings out the best in every child.

Our playschool offers you a wide choice of programmes to choose from, right from a monolingual programme to a trilingual one. We also offer inclusion programmes and single subject programmes.

All our classes are delivered online so children and parents can spend more time at home rather than in the car getting frustrated by the traffic to and from school. Little children need to explore the world their way, not stuck in a room with 4 walls, our playschool provides a full time curriculum for your child.

Small class sizes and professional teachers make classes safe, fun, engaging and an awesome experience for children.

Our Programs

Our curriculum

We’ve crafted a unique and international curriculum that is a mixture of a variety of standards from around the world– perfect for little ones growing up in a global and ever changing society. Our curriculum is grounded in UK standards with elements of the US and Australian curriculum, International Baccalaureate (IB PYP) and the world renowned Finnish curriculum. We have also incorporated a number of elements from other curriculums to make it the perfect fit for little first time learners to enjoy and grasp as much as they can.
At Little Creek Playschool, we cover a plethora of academic and non academic subjects, including literacy, language, numeracy, world studies, music, sports and sciences. We also emphasise social emotional learning (PED) and physical educational development (PED), meaning that we explicitly teach and model social and emotional skills and teach students about their body and physical development.
We ground our students’ learning in themed units. For example, if the theme is family, we try to base most of our activities, and learning around that particular theme. We make sure to incorporate themes based on the child's level so that it is relevant to the real world and understandable and relatable to the child and their environment.

Learning made to be fun

Our team

Extra curricular activities

We offer your child a host of extra curricular activities including

Dance Club
Sports Club
Music Club
Story and Drama Club
Vedic Math and Abacus Club
Arts and Crafts Club
Language Clubs (over 12 languages supported)
And many more...


Are you open year round?

Yes, we love having students all year round.

How much are parents or caregivers involved in the class?

As the student progresses the intervention from parents or caregivers decreases. We however recommended supervising your child during class.

What device or application do I need for class?

You will need a device the following- A device such as a desktop, laptop, or a tablet with camera and microphone access and Internet access.Availability of these will make sure your child can participate and see their teacher and classmates optimally. Some parents also cast the screen onto their television so their children can see even better.

Will my little one be engaged throughout the session?

Yes! We have built our classes and curriculum around this. Our class duration and structure are designed for children ages 0-6 to stay engaged during the entire day.
It is however extremely common for students to need a couple of classes to feel completely comfortable to engage actively, participate fully, and pay attention. Learning patience, structure, and rules in a class setting is part of the learning process. The more children attend our classes, the better they learn these skills.

Do you offer family discounts?

Yep, we sure do! We offer a 10% discount for the second sibling

What happens when my child turns 6 years old?

Congratulations!! You can now check out Creek Global School for your child.

Will my child miss his physical school?

That is a great question.. Our curriculum and classes are designed for full time students. For students continuing from a previous programme we guarantee that they love Little Creek more than any other playschool and for those we meet for the first time, we are sure they will also enjoy more than they previously did.

How do you make sure children learn online?

With super small classes and passionate and focused teachers our students are bound to learn more than a traditional school. Our teachers are trained in a unique way that makes sure students, their learning abilities and their wants are placed alongside the curriculum.

Do you allow toys during class?

Ofcourse, toy learners are very welcome to join class. In fact we encourage students to have a toy friend while learning as it helps with the child's development.

Do you have any celebrations for children to enjoy?

We love celebrations!! Our curriculum includes birthday celebrations, festival celebrations and student fun days such as pet day, stuffy parties, superhero days, dance parties and loads of more activities.

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